Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame Review

Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame Review

The power of a photograph lies in the memories it evokes. It is for this reason that people will display photos in their homes and workplaces. Too easily, these spaces can become cluttered with a swathe of photo frames. Imagine the power of one or two photo frames displaying hundreds, if not thousands, of memorable moments.

This is where the power of digital photo frames lies; with the ability to effectively display photos and video clips, with all of the advantages of a traditional photo frame. No longer need life’s special moments be forgotten, for they can always be readily remembered using a digital photo frame, such as the Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame.

About The Product

Pix-Star is an established company with more than twenty years’ experience in the telecommunications, software and web design business. Pix-Star specializes in combining wireless technology and web service applications; which is evident in the ability for Pix-Star’s digital photo frames to easily send and receive photos wirelessly.

Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Compatible Software

Pix-Star prides itself on 24-hour, seven-day a week, customer support and even has a place on its website for users to provide feedback and ideas for features that they might want. There are several features that make the Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame a wise choice if you are thinking of getting a digital photo frame.

  • Backlit LCD screen
  • 4 GB memory
  • ​Wi-Fi connectivity
  • ​Time between pictures for slideshows ranging from 2 seconds to 12 hours
  • ​Unlimited storage for your pictures online
  • Remote control
  • Wall mountable
  • Aspect ratio of 4:3
  • Supports connectivity via USB port and various memory cards
  • ​Auto Power on/off Feature
  • ​Free online web account allowing management of up to 25 digital photo frames

What We Like

The Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame has been found by many customers to be very easy to use and for them to setup. They have found the on-screen menu to be very easy and clear to follow, and the remote control accompanying the digital photo frame, has a nice simplicity that is very user-friendly.

Pix-Star pride themselves on their dedicated customer service having twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week support available. Their website also contains a very handy online knowledge base for customers with questions, as well as an area for providing Pix-Star with feedback for ideas (many of which appear to have been implemented them).

Any company can claim to have great customer service, and many do; it is very reassuring however to find that reviewers comments would agree with their claim.

One slightly unusual feature of the Pix-Star Digital photo frame is that it has its own unique email address. This may seem a strange feature for a photo frame to have, however this means that you and your family, no matter where you are, are able to email photos directly to your digital photo frame.

Conversely it is also possible to send photos from your digital photo frame; a feature that could be useful if a friend or family member visiting would like a copy of one of your photographs. Furthermore, the Pix-Star has an advanced email filtering system, designed to protect the security of your digital photo frame.

Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Back Side

The ability to wall mount the Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame, we believe, is a nice feature to have; especially if you like to display your photographs on the walls. Perhaps you too, like us, can see the potential for having one digital photo frame per family member, showing the special occasions in their lives.

We are particularly impressed with Pix-Star’s online photo management tool. There is no charge for using the dedicated web service, there is FREE unlimited storage for your photos and one account can be used to manage up to 25 different digital photo frames.

We feel that this really is providing great customer service, when so many businesses are moving to subscriber-based services stop

What We Didn't Like

Some users found that the addition of games to the digital photo frame was pointless and unnecessary. We feel that this is a fair criticism and that Pix-Star’s digital photo frame should continue trying to be the best digital photo frame it can be, rather than a dumbed down tablet. That said, it is naturally, your own free choice as to whether to use the games provided or not to.

While many users found the Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame easy to set up, some reviewers have found that the instructions manual was not as clear as they would have wanted. Luckily the Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame is relatively easy to set up and there is an excellent source of useful knowledge provided on their website; in the knowledge base they have provided.

Perhaps one of the main things we do not like about the Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame was the inability to disconnect it from the AC power supply. While this is an outstanding digital photo frame, it will not be possible to pass it around when friends and family visit.

We feel that this is a small inconvenience however, as it might be preferable not to get fingerprints all over the screen.

Buying Advice

The Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame is a remarkable device for displaying the memorable moments in the lives of you, your friends and family. As one would expect, the Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame is available from all reputable online stores, such as Amazon.

Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

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Lifetimes are made, from the memorable moments contained within. What better way to re-enjoy those memorable moments, than with the Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame? The Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame is a great gift and an even better treat. We think you deserve one today.

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