PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame Review

PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame Review

There are many reasons why people have photos, however we like to think that they have them in order to remember the wonderful moments from their past.

While it can be satisfying having photographs, to remind us of those moments, there is a danger that these photographs will be buried in dusty photo albums, stored in drawers or just plain lost; in which case they will have failed to fulfil their purpose.

Some people will choose to have hundreds, nay thousands, of digital photographs instead, they will have dumped onto the social media page; there to lie buried amongst thousands of other digital photographs and sometimes not easily accessible.

PhotoSpring (16GB) 10in WiFi Digital Photo Frame Back Side

The question we asked ourselves was – is there a better way?

Ultimately, we felt that there was. What if you could have the positive benefits of traditional photos? Their physical presence and the ability to be easily shown to guests, friends and family.

What if you could then combine the good features of traditional photographs, with the benefits of modern digital photographs?

The answer is you can.

A digital photo frame combines the best of the old technology, with the best of the new. A digital photo frame provides a tangible, physical picture frame for countless digital photographs. Now photos need no longer be lost or buried, while you are also able to display more photographs than you would have room for with traditional printed photographs.

About The Product

When it comes to digital photo frames, we feel that you can’t go past the PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame. This truly elegant digital photo frame was designed by two engineers with young families, who saw the need to be able to have photos and also be able to enjoy them.

PhotoSpring provides an elegant means of showing a collection of digital photos, with all the benefits of the traditional photo album and modern technology combined. Some notable features of the product:

  • Capable of displaying photos and videos
  • Family and friends can send photos to your digital photo frame
  • Photos and videos from smart phones can be automatically stored and displayed
  • Automatic selection of the best photos and the format for displaying them
  • Touchscreen interface provides a simple way to browse and find photos
  • Portable with a built in rechargeable battery, that is charged using a charging stand

What We Like 

The PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame has an elegant, high definition display that reviewers are raving about. If you want a digital photo frame that has both quality and elegance, we would have to recommend PhotoSpring’s digital photo frame, since it is the definition of quality and elegance.

One feature that we do like about the PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame, is that it is controlled by means of the touchscreen display. There is no chance of losing a remote-control; nor are there clunky buttons and control switches crowding the digital photo frame.

Woman Looking Pictures On PhotoSpring (16GB) 10in WiFi Digital Photo Frame

While it is true that having touchscreen controls makes fingerprints inevitable, The PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame has been designed to be used as both a digital photo frame and also as a digital photo album.

Since it is intended to be passed around, fingerprints are a minor matter, as these can be easily wiped off stop designed as a combination of photo frame and photo album, we especially like the fact that the PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame can be easily passed around and viewed by people.

As with all digital photo frames, indeed any modern piece of electronics, ease of use and ability to set up is an absolute must. Many reviewers found the PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame very easy to setup and use.

The ability to share photos between friends and family as a feature that we would expect from a quality digital photo frame and we’re not disappointed and discovering that the PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame has this ability.

What We Didn't Like

There is no such thing as the perfect piece of technology. The PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame is no different in that regard. The PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame does not have an SD memory card slot or a USB port, meaning that photos have to be uploaded via Wi-Fi connection.

While having memory card slots or USB ports would be convenient, in our opinion, since the PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame is intended to be used like a photo album, and therefore very portable, the absence of an SD memory card or USB port is an understandable absence.

Given how easy it is to access using Wi-Fi, we do not imagine that the absence of these ports will be to sorely missed. If having a USB port or an SD memory card slot is important to you, then this is not the right digital photo frame for you stop

The second thing we do not like about the PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame is that it is only available in white, and the sole size is a 10-inch screen. While different designs and sizes would be nice to have, given that the digital photo frame is intended to be used as a digital photo album, the lack of different sizes is certainly forgivable.

Buying Advice

The PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame is an elegant, digital photo album available from reputable online stores, such as Amazon.

PhotoSpring 10in WiFi Digital Photo Frame



The PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame is an elegant answer to the old-fashioned photo album. With its own charging stand it is able to act as a photo frame, while also being easily passed around, like a photo album. If you want a modern answer to a photo album, that is elegant and able to take pride of place in your home, then the PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame is a must.

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