Nixplay Digital Photo Frame Review

Nixplay Digital Photo Frame Review

Imagine the joy of sharing your photographs with friends and family when they visit. No longer needing the walls and flat surfaces cluttered with photo frames, or bookshelves lined with dusty photo albums. Imagine reliving those feelings from the wonderful, memorable experiences in life.

We often take photographs of those special occasions, holidays and family gatherings, so that we can relive and remember them in the years to come. Too often though, those very photographs intended to help us remember such special occasions, are themselves forgotten and ignored.

Nixplay Original 18 Inch Photo Frane

Imagine seeing all of those memories as often as you want, sharing them with friends, family and guests; no longer limited by space or access to social media. Such is the power of a digital photo frame.

About The Product

While Nixplay may not be a brand that you are familiar with, they are a multinational company with offices in the US and overseas. Nixplay specializes in digital signs and digital photo frames; taking pride in having a twenty-four hour customer service center, should you have any questions or ideas for them.

They utilize the best of cloud-based storage and security, in order to securely send photos to the people you want.

Nixplay provide several great features that make their digital photo frames one of the best available on the market today. A quick summary of the key features that make the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame stand out from the competition:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Access your photos from your social media sites
  • ​High-definition video with audio
  • ​Backlit LED display
  • Power on/off timer
  • USB and SD card port
  • Online Cloud Storage
  • ​Anti-glare
  • ​VESA wall mountable
  • ​Built-In Motion Sensor
  • Create personalized photo playlists
  • Bullet Point 2Manage up to 5 digital photo frames using a single Nixplay Cloud Account

What We Like

We like the fact that the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame has a good sized 18.5 inch screen. While it is available in smaller screen sizes, it is nice to know that a decent sized photo frame is available. This decent screen size makes the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame particularly useful for bigger gatherings; such as funerals, significant birthdays and anniversaries.

The ability to wall mount the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame, allows it to be displayed on walls, in the same way as traditional photos are. While you may not want to have a wall mounted digital photo frame, it is certainly nice knowing that the option is available.

Several reviewers commented about the good customer service they received from Nixplay. When buying any piece of technology, we believe that good customer service is a must. It is reassuring to hear from customers that Nixplay does have good customer service.

The Nixplay Digital Photo Frame has a quick start guide that allows it to be easily set up by the inexperienced. There can be nothing more frustrating sometimes, than the excitement of having received a new piece of technology, only to then struggle with getting it to work.

Nixplay Original Frame Stand

We were reassured to know that many reviewers found the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame easy to start using.

While the idea of building a motion sensor into a digital photo frame, may seem excessive, the ability for the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame to be able to automatically power down after a room has been vacated, provides an energy efficiency feature that we like and think has real value.

This feature is entirely optional to use; so if you do not want the digital photo frame powering down when a room is empty, that is possible too. Even if you do not use this feature, it is nice to know that it does exist.

An alternative to the motion sensor is the ability to set a timer. We like manufacturers that try to make things easy for their customers. It is nice to see a manufacturer providing customers with different options for their convenience.

Perhaps the biggest strength of the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame is its ability to receive photos without needing to be physically present to the digital photo frame.

The ability to send photos of your children to the grandparents’ digital photo frame, no matter where they may live, easily is a feature that we cannot say enough positive things about. This feature brings so many possibilities to mind for how can be used.

What We Didn't Like

One thing that we do find slightly frustrating with the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame, is that it does not have a touchscreen for controlling it. When we live in a time of touchscreens, it can be frustrating if you are expecting to be able to control a device in this manner.

As an alternative, Nixplay provides a user-friendly remote-control device, allowing the digital photo frame to be managed this way. Given that the purpose of the digital photo frame is for showing pictures; perhaps not being able to touch the screen however, might not be so bad after all.

If you are thinking of using the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame to display photos and pictures from your various social media sites, you need to be aware that it will not automatically synchronize with these sites, rather it will require that they be manually synchronized.

In fairness to Nixplay, we are not aware of many applications that are able to successfully synchronize fully across multiple social media sites.

Buying Advice

The Nixplay Digital Photo Frame has to be one of the best digital photo frames available on the market. It is nice to know that it is easily available from reputable online stores, such as Amazon.

Nixplay Original 18 Inch Photo Frame


Final Thoughts

The Nixplay Digital Photo Frame is a truly versatile piece of technology, allowing memories to be shown and shared, with those that we love and care about. We cannot think of a better treat for ourselves or gift for others. We know you’ll enjoy having one and others will love you for it.

Our Rating

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